In pre-Columbian times, they were one of the most important civilizations in Mesoamerica. In their native language, they call themselves “ben’zaa”, meaning people from the clouds. The Zapoteco culture has existed for 3500 years, and has its origins between the XV and XIV centuries BCE.


They grow a number of species such as the chili, beans, squash, cacao and corn.
They still enact their traditional dances, play the ancient ball game, as well as make figures with wood, fabric and paintings.


They still commonly live in thatch-roofed homes with walls and floors of adobe. Kitchens dominate the household which also serve as workstations.


One tradition is to process wood by taking it out from the trees in Oaxaca.


Alfonso and his family are the artists in wood pieces in Mexi-HA, we saw his talent in a trip that we had outside of his ethnic group in Ajijic, Jalisco.


We made a friendship with them, currently the combs in the line of accessories are processed and hand carved by this special team, along with many others.