Wixarikas (Huicholes)

According to cultural legends, the huicholes say that another ethnic group was present when they came to inhabit their present lands. In the XVl century, they reached the north of Jalisco.


The corn, peyote, and deer are central symbols to their belief system, as well as the major elements: air, earth, water and air.


—-In their community are five earth colors, peyotes and quartzs—- (doesn’t flow).


They accustom to grow their own food, also they create their clothing and jewelry using bright colors, “huicholes” work with beads and yarn, they have typical music and make travels in their regions.


In their houses predominates altars, feathers, tables with work materials and the big kitchen where they cook their corn.


Kpama, “Jessica”, was the inspiration to start the line of “Huichol” products, and she has grown the team significantly. Together with Rosalva, Hatchima, Rafael, Marcelino, musicans Herencia Huichol and different families in the native groups, the Mexi-HA family has grown substantially.