The Nahuatl culture as we know it has its roots in the V and Vl centuries of Mesoamerica.
They are accustomed to growing their own food (always including chili). It is important for them to work with the family, celebrate the day of dead, weave and wear their own clothes, celebrate in traditional dances and paint handcrafts.



In their homes, the hammocks serve in place of beds, and tables are often covered with textiles and other artisanal materials.



The first painter to work with Mexi-HA was Oliverio Garcia. We began to work with his family and Joaquina Santos, his niece, who is now the manager in the native community.

She and many families of Guerrero work in painting; this is a strong tradition which has been handed down from ancestral times.
Every day more people are joining the team and participating in this mission: to share the Nahuatl culture through handmade products that can be incorporated into everyday life.