Janette Casas creates ideas, designs and modern changes in the products of the different lines.
Her mission is to innovate with objects of the daily use, adding a special value to them by incorporating the aspects of art and indigeneity.
She focuses her work on making each product unique, studies its quality and manages garments with different seamstresses.
Janette is enthralled with the designs and productions that have been made. The continued innovation and collaboration inspires her every day to pour her passion into this company.



Catarino is an excellent potter. With his knowledge, he has been able to lead & contract more than 50 people teaching them pottery techniques.
He currently has a very large workshop in Guadalajara and manages the daily work.



Joaquin is a talented potter & grandfather. He is currently motivated to teach his work technique to his grandchildren.
His whole life has been devoted to pottery and he had the opportunity to export tiles and magnets internationally.
He feels happy to still continue working and every day that he dedicates, he does with much passion.



Ivan Luna is a painter who has the talent to create while he paints landscapes of the nature, towns, food and with his ability could paint what the customer needs.
He was born in Nayarit, Mexico and currently sells his art in Guadalajara, Jal.