Mayas Tzotziles

They belong to the Mayan cultural family.

“Tzotz” means wool and this is the material that they use to make their own clothes.


They cultivate their own food, celebrate dancing, some people decorate the Catholic churches with candles, lights and food while making sacrifices inside the churches.


Their culture was influenced by the Spanish people but their roots are still predominant. They are famous for their embroidery, textiles, animal figures, and colorful yarn-work. Much of this work is conducted in coordination within the family, as this along with marriage are the foundation of Tzotzil culture.


The kitchen is predominant in the home, much like in other native communities, and is where they prepare corn and coffee in different ways. There are also working tools like a backstrap weavingand & they sleep with rugs that they weaved above the floor.


Margarita is a woman artist and currently selling her products in a market of Chiapas, Mexico.
She is always in favor of preserving her traditions and for her it is very important that her whole community finds interest in their culture.
Margarita introduced us to more artists and together we have formed a team of people who are quite passionate about their products.


Josefina, Irma, Isaias, Cristi, Jose and Juan are talented artists who are part of this mission as well. Each artist makes different products; some have the talent in sew clothes, other artists are better sewing backpacks, pens, etc.


We made different product lines combining all their skills.