Responsible Company

Mexi-HA has given our star product, which is the bottle to drink water, decorated by indigenous Nahuas from Guerrero. Birds and flowers are painted on the insulated tumblers, it’s a Nahuatl painting technique. With the sale of these bottles we have achieved that more than 11,516,480 disposable plastic bottles do not contaminate the earth. We did an analysis with the indigenous people who are currently working on Mexi-HA about how much they earn selling on their own and we concluded that while they work in Mexi-HA, they can earn 50.8% more compare with what they would normally earn selling their crafts on the streets. Since 2015, 93% of the indigenous people and artists that participate with us, feel that their work is more valued and if they decide, they can work at home with their family as usual. They are not prohibited from working on their own & we don’t pay them with consignment, they always get 50% of the payment to start production and the other 50% when they finish their work.


We provide high quality products and services, being unique items, produced with added values such as customizing and keeping alive the culture of indigenous techniques.


We are committed to invest in ways towards the opportunity of well-being & artists promotion work. We make visible and employs vulnerable communities.


We reduce the consumption of disposable products that end
as garbage, selling everyday items that are reusable, decorated with popular art.


We participate with positive actions such as donations, education,
and volunteering of different areas, where indigenous and mestizos coexist to create more humane and sustainable communities.