Ways to Donate

Each donation improves the quality of life of indigenous people in different communities of Mexico, making sustainable communities and preserving their cultural traditions. When you donate, we establish with your collaboration, a suitable date to prove the benefits that were executed, in addition to mentioning your name as a donor and the type of donation that you offer on this same page.

Generate your donation here: paypal.me/mexiha


From any part where you are located, we are the platform to deliver what you can share with the indigenous communities of your choice, offering delivery with affordable shipping prices. Which can be from food, books, blankets, medicines, toys, clothing or any items that you consider that is beneficiary and will be analyzed according to the needs of each family.


With your donation we do research that will generate jobs and analyze results that allows us to obtain data on: housing, language and population. With this information gathered we abstract it sharing with statistics to provide a quality of life and a preservation of traditions, reaching more cultures in different provinces of the country.


With all the resources, we will purchase the products and ship the items to the indigenous community that has the order in  place,  taking in consideration the sequence with the program of the donations, around the country. We will mention the needs of the community and in collaboration, we will defined the articles to be distributed to each one of them.


The income you share will make an alliance with an organization specialized in their area, to improve adequate indigenous housing; with health tests that donate hearing aids or glasses. Builders of dry composting toilet or sustainable spaces and educational workshops: of natural environment, finances, sexual health and spiritual education.