About Us

We are proud of mention Guadalajara, Mexico as the city where we started the Mexi-HA’s story & production. We are also filled with joy being one of the first countries with the greatest number of indigenous people.


Mexi-HA started walking on one of the Guadalajara’s street in a warm day with good company, in our way we found a talented painter and we realized that his art was from the Nahuatl culture.

I looked my water bottle and I thought “this could look incredible all painted with his work”, we talked about it with the artist named Oliverio and he told us how we could pay for it.


Meanwhile I was using my hand painted water bottle, it got the attention of a lot of people, and even they told me that they also would like to have one.


We lived several moments and made many customers with the artist Oliverio.
Some time later, he invited us to his native community and we created a team of painters to produce more water bottles.


We value our water bottles because they are decorated with art of the indigenous people and they are painted 100% by hand. They are useful at any time, they help reduce pollution because we produce less garbage, we also favor the preservation of these cultures that are our roots, as well, we are able to employ families with few opportunities that are living far away from the city.


We started working with the Nahuatls native community in Guerrero, Mexico. There we found poverty and families with the desire to preserve their culture, nevertheless… they could not share their handcrafted work outside their communities because of the distance, which caused their commerce to decrease and therefore, they got interested in other jobs where little by little the painting tradition almost disappeared.


The presence of Mexi-HA contributes to a better life quality in families of different ethnicities and communities. They exchange their handcrafts for support and decent payments, and this propitiates the transcendence of traditions & a happy life.


We think it is convenient to work with more communities and cultures, sharing new product lines for customers for the mutual benefit.


Mexi-HA is the name that now represents us. “Mexi” means Mexico, “HA” means water in the languages Huichol & Maya, representing “The water of Mexico”.


We created the name with inspiration of our first product, which can hold water in a Mexican bottle; making an invitation to be healthy, having more water and reducing garbage, and thus avoiding to throw away plastic bottles.


The image that represent us now is inspired us with the meaning: “Sun” positive actions that the company makes, “Mandala” Mexican folklore & “Hands” teamwork.


We thank all Mexi-HAS for being part of our dream and for believing in us, thanks to you & the artists we keep our culture making a social benefit.



Promote Mexican art offering services & products of excellence for the daily life, keeping the work and culture of artists and communities.



Be international leaders of our different product lines of handcrafted and services by offering original style, comfort and quality.



Social & environmental responsibility, justice, teamwork, creativity, happiness, perseverance, passion & sensibility.